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As one of the most prestigious brands that share the hallmark of excellence as is "Made in Germany", Fissler enjoys a worldwide reputation as a manufacturer of the very finest of cookware.

In line with its brand claim "Perfect every time", this company, with its long history and tradition, appeals to anyone who truly enjoys cooking.

With a broad spectrum of products and award-winning designs Fissler will stisfy the needs and tastes of each and every cook - from beginner to professional.

At The Studio of Tableware, as your licensed and exclusive stockists, we can help to elevate  your kitchen experience with Fissler.
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O.P.C. Saucepans
NZ $531.00
O.P.C. Stewpots
NZ $550.00
O.P.C. High Saucepans
NZ $570.00
O.P.C. Casseroles
NZ $531.00
O.P.C. High Stewpots
NZ $575.00
O.P.C. Asparagus Pot
NZ $703.00
O.P.C. Conical Pans
NZ $488.00
O.P.C. Frying Pan 20cm
NZ $502.00
O.P.C. Frying Pan 24cm
NZ $536.00
O.P.C. Frying Pan 28cm
NZ $645.00
O.P.C. Frying Pan 32cm
NZ $1,014.00
O.P.C. Fry & Serve Pan 20cm
NZ $303.00
O.P.C. Fry & Serve Pan 24cm
NZ $380.00
O.P.C. Fry & Serve Pan 28cm
NZ $489.00
O.P.C. Fry & Serve Pan 32cm
NZ $567.00
O.P.C. Multistar Pasta
NZ $1,444.00
O.P.C. Milk Pot
NZ $358.00
O.P.C. 4 Piece Cookware Set
NZ $2,461.00 NZ $1,476.00 Save NZ $985.00 incl GST
Crispy Induction Frypan
NZ $309.00