Pottlogo 1 1 1 Thoughts given shape by hand.

Carl Pott once said, “Every design embodies the power of a thought”. This thought is born out of an intense preoccupation with food. One shouldn’t devour food; one should also - because it’s healthier - be able to calmly savour it with all the senses. New concepts often arise as a result of using conventional products. In a delicate process, these concepts are further developed till a form is arrived at, a form which in every detail of its overall beauty will serve the purpose for which it is intended. It is in this respect that POTT products are so unique, this and the artistic expertise in the manual skills needed to create the form that fits the idea.

Each component is individually manufactured. The material can be up to 4mm in thickness. The grinders who have magic in their hands will produce a spoon or a fork in 30 different manufacturing stages, while a knife will require more than 90 stages before it can leave the factory. This results in the kind of quality which no computer-operated machine can emulate. A machine cannot grasp what a human being immediately understands as soon as he sees something and takes it in his hand.

To this day each Pott product is still made using the traditional arts of handcrafting in the C. Hugo Pott factory in Ritter Street in Solingen.
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