Paul Wirths

Paul Wirths advise that they are experiencing ongoing production difficulties that are proving insurmountable at this time, with the result that we are unable to provide a continuous supply of many of the most popular patterns. After 25 years as the NZ representative of Paul Wirths it is no longer possible for us to carry this product as a stock line.

On display in our showroom is the large of quality table cutlery in NZ, some of which is available online (view now), so we look forward to assisting you with your cutlery requirements. For further information visit our showroom or contact us by phone or email.
Paul Wirths Cutlery A small traditional Solingen based manufacturer of high quality 18/10 stainless steel table cutlery. Most of their flatware production is in classic or traditional patterns and the word Solingen under their logo guarantees manufacture to the high standards of the local manufacturer’s guild.

In recent years this factory has included several modern patterns in their collection these products are out-sourced and the absence of the Solingen stamp is noted. All of their out-sourced patterns are supplied with monoblock knives while their local production is 2 piece hollow handled knives. All patterns of knives forks and spoons offer a full compliment of accessory items.
In over 80 years of company history four generations have gained an excellent reputation and today Paul Wirths Bestecke GmbH & Co. KG is a supplier of high quality cutlery that satisfies the highest demands of international markets in terms of design, quality and functionality.

As the exclusive accredited Paul Wirths retailer in NZ we can provide you with any product from the Paul Wirths collection.  For further information please email us or call us at: +64 09 638 8082.
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