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  Life Tastes Great.

For over 150 years WMF has developed products that make life more enjoyable. The brand is known for its imaginative range of articles for the kitchen and dining table and for its reliable quality. WMF has a worldwide reputation as a hallmark for quality and as an embodiment of a sophisticated dining culture.

WMF cutlery stands out for its high grade materials, it's first class workmanship and its well engineered product development. WMF cutlery is trend-setting in terms of design through the co-operation with internationally recognised designers.

High quality cutlery is recognisable in the details. For example in the material. WMF cutlery is made of Cromargan (WMF's registered trademark for 18/10 stainless steel). WMF cutlery is completely hygenic and dishwasher safe.

Not just the quality, the design too, makes WMF cutlery so outstanding. WMF cutlery has received numerous awards Worldwide for design.
A brilliant innovation from WMF: Cromargan Protect
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Cutlery made of Cromargan Protect is extremely resistant to any kind of wear and tear, it is more scratch resistant than regular stainless steel. Intensive use and frequent cleaning in the dishwasher has no adverse effects on Cromargan Protect. Polished surfaces stay shiny, and matt finishes stays matt.
The cutlery looks pristine even after a number of years (almost as good as on the day it was bought).
This pioneering innovation on the cutlery market - awarded the "materialvision" prize for innovative materials by the Frankfurt Trade Fair.
A brilliant innovation ONLY available from WMF.
Cromargan Protect patterns available in NZ are:
Ambiente, Corvo, Flame, Merit, Vision

WMF offers a large variety of cutlery models to suit every taste.

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