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Tradition and innovation – The Riedel Company can proudly look back on its 250 year success story. From its beginning in northern Bohemia and now 11 generations later Riedel Glass has stood for the high art of glassmaking and a fascinating span of history interweaves this remarkable success story. Reidel crystal has created an extensive range of glassware in collections that differ in sophistication and pricing. Riedel glasses deliver the typical components of grape variety, highlighting the balanced flavours, maximising the fruit and integrating acidity of tannins into the overall pleasure of wine.

Claus Josef Riedel (9th Riedel generation) changed the world of wine with his revolutionary concept of functional stemware. He realised the effect the shape of the glass had on the perception and drinking pleasure of alcoholic beverages. Simply put he discovered that the same wine tasted different when drunk from different glasses. George Josef Riedel (10th Riedel generation) further developed this concept when he found that the correct choice of glasses would enhance the flavours of wines and that the wine’s message its bouquet and taste depends on the form of the glass.
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