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Wine Beer week-459

This week we showcase our best in wine and beer accessories. Varietal-specific glasses and well-crafted shapes help to ensure the ultimate enjoyment of your favourite wine or beer. Don't just stop at choosing the perfect notes and flavours, select top-shelf glassware to accentuate the taste with every sip.

Fantastic wine and beer specials on offer - up to 65% off!

At least 15% off everything else wine and beer related
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Spiegleau Polishing Cloth
NZ $32.00 NZ $22.00 Save NZ $10.00 incl GST
Authentis White Wine Glass Set of 4
NZ $184.00 NZ $73.60 Save NZ $110.40 incl GST
Cantina White Wine
NZ $30.00
Cantina White Wine Set of 6
NZ $180.00
Diva White Wine Glass Set
NZ $171.00
Festival Tasting Glass
NZ $20.00
Fortissimo Water Goblet Set
NZ $165.00
Hybrid White Wine
NZ $49.50 NZ $19.80 Save NZ $29.70 incl GST
Roemers-Kawali Wine Glasses
NZ $494.00
Salute White Wine Glass Set of 4
NZ $120.00 NZ $72.00 Save NZ $48.00 incl GST