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Paderno Spiralizer Pro 'Zoodler' Vege Slicer 7 Blade

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The ultimate kitchen tool for healthy eating!

Opens the way to new good looking and healthy food preparation

The Spiral vegetable slicer (Zoodler) is much more than a simple vegetable slicer: it is a unique kitchen tool that allows you to make different cuts very easily and quickly. No need to be a master chef: the result is always a success! Now available with 7 blades

The perfect solution to try out raw or cooked vegetable recipes. Beetroot, carrots, cucumbers, zucchini, potatoes or fruits. The Zoodler allows you to create slices, spirals and spaghetti of vegetables to prepare imaginative and tasty dishes.

Can slice any type of vegetable, including firm leafy vegetables like cabbage. It is the perfect blade to turn potatoes, zucchini and carrots into a single spiral or to make potato chips.
VEGETABLES AND KIDS: Healthy Food meets fun for kids.
Teaching about a healthy diet means is easier if you bring your kids into direct contact with vegetables.
You can create funny spirals and turn them into shooting stars, original zucchini burgers and tasty potato chips, in a daily fun food experience. Spiral vegetable slicer is the ideal solution for mums and a friend for kids!

The updated version of the original spiral vegetable slicer (now with 7 blades)
  • Enclosed compact base takes up less counter and storage space
  • Fully enclosed blade compartment for blade storage
  • Extra wide blade plates for easier change over
  • Push lever easily adapts to left or right hand operation
  • Clear cover doubles as tray to catch ribbons and strands as they emerge
  • Easy release suction feet give greater stability in use
  • Well designed spinning handle, for superior strength
  • Body and blade plates are made of sturdy ABS plastic
A total of seven blades offer countless options for preparing hearty and sweet dishes, such as the angel hair blade, a chopping knife, the chopper blade and a straight blade. Three new, additional blades create thick strands, wavy cuts and thick, flat ribbons and thus offer a healthy alternative to the carbohydrate and high-calorie pasta dishes.

Each of the seven blades is suitable for standard cuts, both straight blades also cut fruit and vegetables in an accordion shape. All blades can also be combined with the "C-Cut" or "Half-Slice" techniques to increase versatility and creativity. As an additional function, an exclusively designed double-sided brush is included that protects hands from the sharp knives when cleaning.

The robust blade plates and the housing are made of ABS plastic in professional quality, the blades are made of quality stainless steel. The three new blades can be conveniently and safely stowed in a separate storage box. All parts are dishwasher safe. The blades included are: 4 mm straight blade (new), 10 mm chipper blade (new), 1.5 mm corrugated blade (new), 2.5 mm straight blade, 2 mm angel hair blade, 3 mm shredder blade, 6 mm chip knife .

- Click here to view a few mouth watering recipes using the Zoodler




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