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Suomi & Suomi New Generation

Puristic porcelain design from Scandinavia, made in Germany


Concentration on the essentials marks the set “Suomi” by the Finn Timo Sarpaneva. With the design of the compact, organic form from the year 1976, Timo Sarpaneva was inspired by the round, smooth pebbles from the coast of Finland. “Suomi” with its flawless perfection is Scandinavian purism for design fans. The combination of white porcelain and metal gives “Suomi” its special character. The individual parts of this collection were reduced to the basic necessities, therefore the parts are multifunctional. For the design of “Suomi” Timo Sarpaneva received the gold medal of Faenza, the highest award in the world of the porcelain. Today “Suomi” is one of the most successful sets of the Rosenthal studio-line.

Suomi New Generation

In cooperation with Timo Sarpaneva some parts of the avant-garde, timeless porcelain set “Suomi“, which can be perfectly assembled into a “modernity-set” with classic parts, was revised and supplemented. Bowls, in three different sizes, offer the possibility, to serve food in different and trendy ways. The rims receive a wider edge (3cm). Both design generations equally co-exist and may be used in any combination.

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Suomi Dinner Plate 28cm
NZ $90.00
Suomi Dinner Plate
NZ $79.00
Suomi Lunch Plate
NZ $49.00
Suomi Bread & Butter Plate
NZ $42.50
Suomi Deep Plate
NZ $75.00
Suomi Cereal Bowl
NZ $99.00
Suomi Multi Bowl
NZ $99.00
Suomi Fruit Dish
NZ $93.50
Suomi Covered Vegetable Dish
NZ $835.00
Suomi Sauceboat & Stand
NZ $575.00
Suomi Sandwich Platter
NZ $269.00
Suomi Coffee Pot
NZ $439.00
Suomi Tea Pot
NZ $439.00
Suomi Creamer
NZ $169.00
Suomi Sugar Bowl with Lid
NZ $169.00