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Sunny Day White

By Thomas
  – Made in Germany
Sunny Day believes that modern colors bring a happy mood in a sometimes dull routine of everyday life. The beloved light pink tea cup in the morning, the yellow cup for the office, a multicolored mix & match for the kid’s birthday party or the atmospheric greens and reds around Christmas time – color is a must-have.
But they also know that to keep it refined will allow your food to shine bright, and that just what they’ve achieved with classic white. In this way Thomas always brings colors to the table with the dish set “Sunny Day”.

All the colors are compatible with each other. No matter your style, you can find your taste. “Sunny Day” by Thomas is your collection of choice: Pure life. Multicolored, diversified and unbelievably versatile – "Sunny Day" is almost like life itself. That is why it fits right in. Because of its many single components it will fit your needs. It is easily combined weather you prefer bright colors or pastel colors, nature colors, white or striped; all the dishes in "Sunny Day" are in harmony with the other dishes. Weather you need it for parties, a long weekend stay, the new business, or even as a children set, complete with a classic coffee- or tea-set, you will have just "the set" you need.

Basic Care
  • Can be cleaned in the dishwasher without hesitation and is microwave safe.
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Sunny Day Oval Platter
NZ $112.00
Sunny Day Salad Bowl
NZ $82.00
Sunny Day Salad Bowl
NZ $109.00
Sunny Day Sugar Bowl
NZ $19.50
Sunny Day Creamer
NZ $52.00
Sunny Day Cup & Saucer Tall
NZ $35.00
Sunny Day Cereal Dish
NZ $29.00
Sunny Day Lunch Plate
NZ $26.00
Sunny Day Side Plate
NZ $22.00
Sunny Day Mug
NZ $29.00
Sunny Day Dinner Plate
NZ $39.00
Sunny Day Service Plate
NZ $74.00
Sunny Day Jug
NZ $89.00
Sunny Day Deep Plate
NZ $34.00
Sunny Day Teapot
NZ $148.00
Sunny Day Cup & Saucer Low
NZ $29.00