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Quality non stick cookware

Circulon cookware features safe Hard Anodized Food Release System. It’s much more than a non-stick coating, it’s a total food release system exclusive to Circulon. ‘Hi-Low’ wave technology and a state of the art nonstick formula.

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Symmetry Skillet Triple Pack
NZ $471.00 NZ $250.00 Save NZ $221.00 incl GST
Symmetry Open French Skillet Twin Pack
NZ $280.00 NZ $210.00 Save NZ $70.00 incl GST
Symmetry Milk Pan 14cm
NZ $120.00
Symmetry Saucepan 18cm
NZ $210.00
Symmetry Saucepan 20cm
NZ $250.00
Symmetry Open Stir Fry Pan
NZ $240.00
Symmetry Stockpot 24cm
NZ $350.00
Symmetry Cookware Set 5 Piece
NZ $1,115.00
Raco Glass Lids - Assorted Sizes
NZ $24.90