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Flat Dream Linear Contour small Hannah
Flat Dream Linear Contour Hannah
Queen Anne Filet Toiras1 Gio Ponti Baroque Laurier
Queen Anne Filet Toras Gio Ponti Baroque Laurier


Mirror on 18/10 stainless steel
Mirror-effect finish enhances the high quality of Sambonet steel, emphasing shapes and design. The surfaces are polished with additives and mechanical brushes made of different materials, which smooth the stainless steel lending it a high gloss. Reflections enrich the object, making it even more precious.
Antique Antique on 18/10 stainless steel
The particular antique finishing is characterised by the pleasant to touch texture and the original matte appearance of the stainless steel. This finishing is the result of an high pressure ceramics sandblasting treatment, made up of micro ceramic particles, which defines the final effect of the surfaces
Vintage Vintage on 18/10 stainless steel
The captivating vintage surface is a tribute to Sambonet's great and iconic design projects. It uses a special craftsman finishing technique on the surface of stainless steel flatware. Through a series of industrial scraping processes, surfaces assume an original and intentionally "worn out" effect, introducing a new and fascinating ambiance at the table and a new trend for contemporary interior design
Silver Silverplated on 18/10 stainless steel
The purity of the silver combined with the certified quality of steel, are the base of Sambonet's production excellence since 1856. Sambonet's exclusive technique, a cycle of electroplating and polishing carried out by highly trained specialists, ensures greater durability and resistance to the tarnishing. On the tables and in the most refined settings, the shiny objects show an exceptional and long-lasting mirror effect
EPNS EPNS silver & gold - electroplated nickel silver
Rich decorations and refined details are best expressed on the collections made of nickel-silver. After a galvanic bath, the electrolysis process provides silver or gold plating and forms the elegant surface coating. A result that embellishes the cutlery making it live beyond trends, creating icons of timeless beauty


PVD cutlery-846 Physical vapour desposition - PVD on 18/10 stainless steel
PVD gives the objects exceptional colours and shades. It consists of the deposition of metallic particles through vaporisation in a vacuum chamber. The coating is welded on an atomic level to the stainless steel, giving the materials greater hardness and resistance to rubbing and corrosion, thereby preventing the formation of rust or oxides. This is the result of technological research, a,along with the endless experience in producing stainless steel that is in Sambonet's DNA. PVD available in Black - Copper - Gold - Champagne

Your personal touch

engraving Engraving
The customisation process is performed though two types of engraving. A laser technology is used on the stainless steels collections, where a beam of light burns the surface and gives life to each design. The pantograph is used for silver or goldplated objects, that acts through the pressure of a diamond point. Add a special date, a monogram or a symbol: make your flatware unique
Front: symbol or monogram - Back: date - Front & Back: symbol or monogram and date
Engraving charge P.O.A. Engraving NOT available on Vintage finishes

The choice is yours

Here's an example of the range of finishes in a Sambonet Tailor Made pattern:

Sambonet Hannah Hannah PVD Black Hannah PVD Copper Hannah PVD Gold Hannah PVD Champagne
Mirror PVD Black PVD Copper PVD Gold PVD Champagne
Hannah Antique Hannah Antique PVD Black Hannah Antique PVD Copper Hannah Antique PVD Gold Hannah Antique PVD Champagne
Antique Antique PVD Black Antique PVD Copper Antique PVD Gold Antique PVD Champagne
Hannah Vintage Hannah Vintage PVD Copper Hannah Vintage PVD Gold    
Vintage Vintage PVD Copper Vintage PVD


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innovative interior award-892 Sambonet Tailor Made project is winner of the Iconic Awards 2019 Innovative Interior: Best of the Best.

Best of the Best
"This cutlery can be customised in countless ways makes it a real find. The products are notable for their lovely shapes and superb quality – plus they’re available as one-offs. An appealing sales argument. Sensational."

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