Vinum Bordeaux/Cab Merlot Glass Set of 6

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Value Pack: Bordeaux / Cabernet Merlot Set of 6
  • Height: 22.5cm
  • Diameter: 95mm
  • Capacity: 610ml
  • Brand: Riedel
  • Made in Germany
  • Machine made crystal
  • Dishwasher safe
Perfect for young, full-bodied complex red wines that are high in tannin.
This glass smoothes out the rough edges, emphasizing the fruit, allowing wines to achieve a balance that would normally take years of ageing to acquire.
The generous size of this glass allows the bouquet to develop fully. The shape directs the flow of wine onto the zone of the tongue which perceives sweetness, thus accentuating the fruit and de-emphasizing the bitter qualities of the tannin.
Recommended for: Bordeaux (red), Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Rioja, Tempranillo.

VINUM: Riedel's benchmark series

Introduced in 1986, Vinum was the first machine-made series of glasses in history to be based exclusively on the characteristics of the grape varietals. Vinum, functional, high in quality, reasonably priced and widely distributed, has had a permanent impact on the globe’s wine glass culture. These glasses have proved to consumers and restauranteurs that the pleasure of consuming wine starts with the glass. The Vinum collection, developed by Georg Riedel on the principle that the content commands the shape, is the “Vitrum-Vinothek” for everyday use.

Reducing the design to its essence: bowl, stem, base.

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