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Every piece made by hand

At Burleigh Pottery, a skilled team of craftspeople have been producing Burleighware since 1851. It takes 25 pairs of hands to create a single piece of Burleigh pottery, and each pot is meticulously hand-finished. Creating something good, something that lasts, something that is above fashion and trends, something timeless, can’t be hurried.
Arden Bowl Jug-588-570 Asiatic Tea-274 Calico-638


Asiatic Pheasant





Dove Grey-931 felicity-279 Felicity Mulberry Dinnerware Group

Dove Grey


Felicity Mulberry

Felicity Pink Dinnerware group Regal Peacock-984 Regal Peacock Black Dinnerware

Felicity Pink

Regal Peacock

Regal Peacock Black

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Regal Peacock Black Tea Cup, Saucer and Plate
NZ $135.00 NZ $94.50 Save NZ $40.50 incl GST
Felicity Pink Mug
NZ $59.00
Felicity Mulberry Mug
NZ $59.00
Felicity Pink Mini Tankard
NZ $65.00
Felicity Pink Cow Creamer
NZ $110.00
Felicity Pink Sugar
NZ $55.00
Felicity Mulberry Sugar
NZ $55.00
Felicity Teapot
NZ $199.00
Felicity Pink Teapot
NZ $199.00
Felicity Mulberry Teapot
NZ $199.00
Calico Teapot 3 Cup
NZ $199.00
Arden Sandringham Mug
NZ $69.00
Arden 16 Piece Set
NZ $832.00
Arden Cereal Bowl
NZ $45.00
Arden Covered Jam / Sugar
NZ $89.00
Arden Cow Creamer
NZ $110.00
Arden Dinner Plate
NZ $59.00
Arden Lunch Plate
NZ $45.00