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Versace 25 Years

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Celebrating 25 years!

This year Versace and Rosenthal are celebrating 25 years of collaboration and this partnership has provided many of the finest porcelain collections enriched by some of the most iconic Versace designs.

The first designs adorned our tables in 1992 under the creative direction of Gianni Versace himself. He believed that "Versace is a lifestyle and it should be an all-embracing decision for those who choose to adopt it".

In celebration of the 25th anniversary, Rosenthal meets Versace has issued a LIMITED EDITION of special pieces:
25 plates and tea cups & saucers
featuring 25 different legendary deigns that made the history of this extraordinary collaboration in which time myth and culture are forever intertwined.

You'll be interested in a stunning NEW item that is sure to be a hot seller
Plate 22cm (in 25 designs)

This is a larger version of the side plate with the full image - a plate that is stunning as an art piece for the wall or to display on a plate stand. This is the perfect item to ensure that you have a collector's item from the amazing Versace collection that will endure long beyond the life of any fashion item.

To secure your part of this fascinating collection, you can pre order from our shipment that will arrive in early November by ordering before 30 August.

The collection is shown below - you can 'buy now' to pre order or we'll be pleased to assist you in our showroom, or by phone or by email.