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Versace & Rosenthal celebrating 25 years!

In celebration of the 25th anniversary, Rosenthal meets Versace has issued a LIMITED EDITION of special pieces featuring 25 different legendary deigns that made the history of this extraordinary collaboration in which time myth and culture are forever intertwined

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Rosenthal meets Versace: Pure Lifestyle!
Rosenthal with its international reputation for uniting tradition and innovation, and Versace, with its own inimitable and expressive style, have developed tremendously elegant, luxurious and exciting tableware and gift collections.

Most of our Versace dinnerware is not currently available to purchase on line. Should you require any information please contact us via email or phone 09 638 8082
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Le Jardin de Versace

Les Tresors de la Mer

Medusa Blue




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I Love Baroque

Prestige Gala/ Le Bleu

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