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By Portmerion
 – Made in England
Named after the ancient goddess of fruit, Pomona is an outstanding pattern. The romantic shape was inspired by the generous rounded forms of seed pods and gourds and was designed by Susan Williams-Ellis in 1982. Each cup and plate comes patterned with one of six luscious fruits taken from hand coloured books of the 1830’s.

Portmeirion has an established reputation for fashionable yet timeless collections of tableware and gifts. Following in the footsteps of its founder, Susan Williams-Ellis, Portmeirion is committed to producing innovative designs that fit comfortably with everyday life epitomised by the Botanic Garden range which is a major player in the casual dining market.

Basic Care
  • Dishwasher, Microwave and Freezer safe
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Pomona Dinner Plate
NZ $65.00
Pomona Lunch Plate
NZ $59.50
Pomona Lunch Plate kiwifruit
NZ $59.50
Pomona Side Plate
NZ $53.00
Pomona Side Plate Kiwifruit
NZ $53.00
Pomona Oatmeal Bowl
NZ $59.50
Pomona Oatmeal Bowl Kiwifruit
NZ $59.50
Pomona Pasta Bowl
NZ $65.00
Pomona Low Open Fruit Bowl
NZ $294.00
Pomona Soup Bowl
NZ $65.00
Pomona Fruit Salad Bowl Kiwifruit
NZ $65.50
Pomona Fruit Salad Bowl
NZ $65.00
Pomona Tea Cup & Saucer
NZ $77.00
Pomona Breakfast Cup & Saucer
NZ $87.50
Pomona Breakfast Mug
NZ $60.00
Pomona Coffee Beaker
NZ $64.00
Pomona Mandarin Mug Kiwifruit
NZ $63.00
Pomona Mandarin Mug
NZ $63.00
Pomona Teapot Large
NZ $264.00