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Decanters & Sets

Decanting_sm.jpg Why decant a wine?
  • aged wine - to eliminate the deposits that have formed over the years. Decant an aged wine just before serving.
  • young wine - to gain some maturity, aerating will 'soften' the wine. Decant a young wine up to several hours before serving (depending on its origin and structure).
  • champagne - to "awaken" a vintage champagne. Decant just before serving (to avoid excessive oxidation caused by the effervescence).

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Classic Bar Water / Juice 5 Piece Set
NZ $175.00 NZ $87.50 Save NZ $87.50 incl GST
Perfect Serve Decanter
NZ $450.00
Amadeo Decanter
NZ $899.00
Authentis Decanter 1L
NZ $289.00
Origin Decanter
NZ $575.00 NZ $399.00 Save NZ $176.00 incl GST
Salute 12 Piece Set
NZ $360.00
Salute 18 Piece Set
NZ $540.00
Hamilton Decanter
NZ $349.00
Eisch Bonaparte Decanter
NZ $180.00
Bacchus Decanter
NZ $1,000.00
Ayam Black Decanter
NZ $699.00
Horn Decanter
NZ $1,299.00
Fatto A Mano Mamba Decanter
NZ $799.00
Fatto A Mano Curly Decanter
NZ $499.00
Toscana Decanter & Glass Set
Enquire Now
Toscana Decanter
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Loop Decanter
NZ $348.00
Tuscany Pierced Pitcher Jug
NZ $89.00